Alex Zanardi

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        My Story
        H A R D C O V E R  B O O K

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        Alex Zanardi My Story Hardcover Book

        • Hardcover: 376 pages
        • Publisher: J H Haynes & Co Ltd (28 Sep 2004)
        • Language: English
        • ISBN-10: 184425108X
        • ISBN-13: 978-1844251087

        • UPC Code: 699414003174
        • Product Dimensions: 23.6 x 15.2 x 3.6 cm


        For me, Alex Zanardi is the greatest sportman who has ever lived. Why? Because regardless of his record as a racing driver what happened with the accident and how he transcended such tragedy takes him beyond a mere sportsman and into the realms of a role-model. By 'role-model' I mean for all of us mere mortals who witnessed his story from afar. Indeed, for me, he symbolises all the greatness that came out of the 2012 Paralympics and why it is far far beyond the drama the Olympics could ever produce.

        The book covers up to 2012 and includes his recovery. Of course his performances in the 2012 Paralympcs are a chapter in itself and hopefully one day the book will be updated to include this. But it is a still must-read book.

        It contains everything that is great in the human spirit. Zanardi is charisma personified and every sentence, every word he writes, captures this.

        If you read just one book this year then this will be it. It left me in tears and I venture to say you will be hard-pressed not to be at least moved by it.


        Paul Page, 2012


        With 13 laps to run in the CART Champ Car race on the Lausitzring oval in Germany on 15 September 2001, Alex Zanardi completed his final pit stop and headed back to the track. Behind him lay success in virtally every category in which he raced - karting, Formula 3, Formula 3000 and back-to-back titles in CART Champ Cars. Everything, in fact, but Formula 1, where circumstance and ill fortune had thwarted his talent.

        Now, after a bitter season racing in his friend and former engineer Mo Nunn's team, Zanardi was finally about to win again. Then Fate intervened. He spun his car as he rejoined the track and was hit amidships at 200mph by fellow racer Alex Tagliani. The terrible impact shattered Zanardi's Reynard - and instantly severed both legs above the knee. Rushed to hospital in Berlin, he arrived with just minutes to spare.

        In this humourous, searingly honest, warts-ands-all account of his life before and after the accident, Zanardi, one of the most charismatic men ever to hold a steering wheel, bares his soul and provides a unique and poignant insight into the mind of a racing driver. Yet he also moves far beyond mere high-speed, wheel-to-wheel competition and sportsmanship, into the rarified position of international role model. It will inspire able and disabled people alike as he explains in painful detail how he recovered from his grievous unjuries not just to walk again, but to return to the Lausitzring only two years later to effect a symbolic completion of those 13 missing laps.

        Back in a 225mph car, specially adapted with hand controls, he drove as if he had never been away. The greatest variation in his last nine laps was a mere 0.174sec. 'It was a flat out, wide open,' he said, before adding with his typical humour, 'but I can't say pedal to the metal, because I didn't have a pedal...'

        Zanardi had a rollercoaster route to motorsport stardom. In Formula I he survived crushingly bad seasons in 1993 and 1994 with Lotus, and again in 1999 with Williams. Between times he had rebuilt his career as the most sensational and daring racer in Champ Cars. His campaign with Chip Ganassi Racing culminated in consecutive titles in 1997 and 1998.

        Today (2004) Alex Zanardi races on, in the European Touring Car Championship. living his remarkable and uplifting life as the embodiment of everything there is to celebrate about the resilence of the human spirit.


        New. Dustjacket has slight shelfwear in places


        B O O K

        Alex Zanardi My Story Hardcover Book

        Alex Zanardi My Story Hardcover Book

        Alex Zanardi My Story Hardcover Book

        Alex Zanardi My Story Hardcover Book

        Alex Zanardi My Story Hardcover Book

        Alex Zanardi My Story Hardcover Book

        Alex Zanardi My Story Hardcover Book

        Alex Zanardi My Story Hardcover Book

        Alex Zanardi My Story Hardcover Book


        B O O K

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