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    Angela Rippon. Presenter.
    b. Plymouth, Devon, 12 October 1944.

    TV: A Game of War; Angela Rippon Meets; Antiques Roadshow; Come Dancing; Eurovision Song Contest; Face Value; Healthcheck; In the Country; Masterteam; Matchpoint; Open House; The Key to the White House; The Morecambe and Wise Christmas Show; The Nobel Prize; The Wedding of HRH Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer; The Windsor's Sale of a Lifetime; Those Were the Days; Top Gear; What's My Line.


    • In 1975 became the first woman to read the news in the UK on a regular basis
    • First presenter of Top Gear
    • Awarded OBE in 2001

    Address: c/o Knight Ayton Management, 10 Argyll Street, London W1V 1AB.

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angela rippon angela rippon angela rippon angela rippon

Angela Rippon autographs, photographs and more @ (direct link to photographs) - just checked and a bigger selection than i have seen everywhere else

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