• MACKE, August

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      • August Macke, the Rhinelander, was granted only a short creative life, for he was killed in Champagne at the age of 27. In spite of his youth, however, his many and important paintings actually constitute an oeuvre.

        He started at the Dusseldorf Academy, in the winter of 1907-1908 he studied under Lovis Corinth in Berlin. In 1908 and 1909 he made extended trips to Paris and Italy, in 1909 he settled near Tegernsee and came into contact with Marc and the 'Neue Kunstlervereinigung' in Munich. In 1912 he returned to Bonn and took part in the 'Sonderbund' exhibition in Cologne. In the same year he went to Paris and met Delaunay, whose colot theories made a lasting impression on him. In the spring of 1914 he made his famous trip to Tunis together with Klee and Moilliet. The 25 water-colors he brought back from Africa are perhaps his most mature wok. But also the paintings of Macke's last years prove that Franc Marc was right when he wrote in his obituary of Macke: 'We painters are well aware that the loss of his harmonies will inevitably impoverish the palette of German art and lend it a sadder note ... Greedy war has been enriched by one more heroic death, but German art has lost one of its heroes'.

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