//Benozzo Gozzoli//                                        


      • Known as: Florentine Renaissance painter
      • Born: 1420 or 1424, Florence, Italy
      • Date of death: 1497

    • What a painter Benozzo Gozzoli was! Ok, perhaps he is not as celebrated as his first master, Fra Angelico but I just love his attention to detail. What I particularly like in his work is his faces. They are so attractive and the figures so graceful.

      Early in his career, he followed Fra Angelico to Rome. He worked in Santa maria, and in 1449 left Angelico to go to Montefalco in Umbria. His work included the altar-piece at the church of S. Fortunato, near Montefalco, and painted in the monastery of S. Francesco, Montefalco.

      He left Montefalco in 1456 and went to Perugia to work, then returned to his native Florence. Until 1459, he worked in the chapel of the Palazzo Medici-Riccardi. Five years later, he was in S. Gimignano, working in the church of S. Agostino.

      In 1467, he left for the Campo Santo of Pisa where he worked on mural paintings (which he is now best known for). In the years (sixteen at least) he was in Pisa he executed an enormous amount of work. The Pisan authorities held him in such high regard that he was given a tomb in the Campo Santo


      • Florence (Medici Palace)
      • London (NG)
      • Paris (Louvre)


      benozzo gozzoli / angels in a heavenly landscape benozzo gozzoli / citta di san gimignano benozzo gozzoli / journey of the magi benozzo gozzoli / st. augustine departing for milan, from the cycle of the life of st. augustine, 1464-65 benozzo gozzoli / st. augustine reading rhetoric and philosophy at the school of rome benozzo gozzoli

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