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  • Actor (F). b. 1966.

    TV: A Dance to the Music of Time; Hazel in A Touch of Frost; Casualty; Chancer; Covington Cross; Growing Rich; Harry Enfield and Chums; Vicky in Holding On; Way in Honey tor Tea; Rowena Featherstoneenaugh in Kavanagh QC; Keeping Mum, Celia in Middlemarch; Moll Flanders; Riders.

    Films: A Woman of the North; Mrs Fitzherbert in The Madness Of King George; Francesca in War Zone.

    Ads: Almost cult status as Miss 'That's More Than Lucky' in More Than commercials

    Address: c/o PFD, Drury House, 34-43 Russell Street, London WC2B 5HA. Sister Susannah Harker.

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caroline harker caroline harker

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A Touch of Frost - Stranger in the House (Series 2, Vol.4)
A Touch of Frost - Private Lives
A Touch of Frost - One Man's Meat (Series 6, Vol.2)
A Touch of Frost - Keys to the Car (Series 6, Vol.4)
A Touch of Frost - Dead Male One (Series 3, Vol.3)

Midsomer Murders - Market For Murder

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