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        Life (4-Dvd Boxset)
        D V D  S E T

        Life is the latest wildlife epic from the BBC's award-winning Natural History Unit.

          'Four years in the making, Life will set a new benchmark in family entertainment and natural history epics.'
          - BBC

        It has the revelation, cinematic style, sense of place and emotionally involving individual sequences that that were the hallmark of The Blue Planet and Planet Earth, with all the scope, detail and content of an Attenborough epic, and the addition of close-up, intensely dramatic new behaviour - all captured by the world's top wildlife photographers with the aid of the most cutting-edge and sophisticated filming techniques. ...more

        david attenborough

          Release Date: 30-11-2009
          Format: DVD
          Number of Discs: 4
          Catalogue Number: BBCDVD3068
          Label: BBC Video



        This ten-part natural history blockbuster, shot in HD, is the definitive exploration of the diversity of life on Earth, revealing the most spectacular and fascinating behaviour driven by the endless struggle to survive. Life stars a cast of 'box-office' wildlife characters, filmed on every continent and in every habitat across the world, with each drama-filled episode entirely dedicated to one of the planet's ten most important wildlife groups. The series has the revelation, sense of place, cinematic style and emotionally involving individual sequences perfected in programmes such as The Blue Planet and Planet Earth, but with the addition of close-up, intensely dramatic new behaviour - where the animals are the stars.

        Full of amazing filming ‘firsts’ on every continent and in every habitat – from 250 six foot Humboldt squid hunting as a pack to Komodo dragons (the world’s largest venomous animal) stalking buffalo and cheetahs (notorious lone hunters) working cooperatively to hunt prey twice their size – this is evolution in front of your eyes. Yet this astonishing series is not simply about revelation, it is also about entertainment. With sequences that inspire awe, wonder, sadness and humour, Life allows us to truly relate to the animals and their endeavours, and to understand and appreciate them as never before.

        Special Features

        • Ten Making Of diaries for each episode

        Available: Amazon.co.uk
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