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        A Victim of Stars, 1982 - 2012
        D O U B L E  C D

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          A Victim of Stars, 1982-2012 Double CD

        • Type: Audio CD
        • Release Date: 27 Feb 2012
        • Number of Discs: 2
        • Format: Double CD
        • Label: Virgin Catalogue
        • Cat No.: CDVD3097
        • Barcode: 5099995555621


        A Victim of Stars, 1982 - 2012
        Double CD, 2012

      • At last a David Sylvian best of that does what it says on the tin. While the Everything & Nothing compilation of a decade or so ago was a wonderful piece of work it was wholly subjective, based on not what was the 'best of' per se but a kind of 'best of' filtered through the mind of the artist. Thus there was no Red Guitar, Ink in the Well or even Forbidden Colours. Victim of Stars puts this right and it is an outstanding body of work with the added bonus of a new recording, Where's Your Gravity?, exclusive to this release. Each track comes in chronological order; it is like a map from A-B in the world of a musical maverick.

        31 tracks of ethereal and differing beauty. Some hook you in immediately; others take their time on you. Disc 2 is a kind of dark side to the more catchy Disc 1 which, of course, holds the more commercial tracks. Not that the release is perfect. The opening Ghosts is not the classic Japan track but Sylvian's remaking or 're-vocalling' and I for one enjoy the former far more - for me it is the one song in the world that should never be retouched or revisited. And Forbidden Colours is not the original-do-not-touch-or-you-will-destroy-version but Sylvian's more sombre version.

        But these are minor gripes. It's as near to perfect as perfect can be in this world and serves as a timely reminder to what an astonishing body of work Sylvian has produced in nearly 30 years.

        What an artist!

        Track Listing:

        Disc One
        Ghosts (Remix)
        Bamboo Houses
        Bamboo Music
        Forbidden Colours
        Red Guitar
        The Ink In The Well
        Pulling Punches
        Taking The Veil
        Silver Moon
        Let The Happiness In
        Pop Song
        Every Colour You Are
        Heartbeat (Tainai Kaiki II)

        Disc Two
        Jean The Birdman
        Alphabet Angel
        I Surrender
        Darkest Dreaming
        A Fire In The Forest
        The Only Daughter
        Late Night Shopping
        Wonderful World
        The Banality Of Evil
        Darkest Birds
        Snow White in Appalachia
        Small Metal Gods
        I Should Not Dare
        Where's Your Gravity?


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