Delta Goodrem grew up in Melbourne, where she started acting for television at age seven. She also took classical piano lessons, and began writing her own songs at age 12. She quickly recorded a five-song demo and sent it to her favorite football team, the Sydney Swans. They in turn passed it along to their high-profile fan Glenn Wheatley, who'd managed successful acts like the Little River Band. Wheatley took an interest in the young singer and helped her land a deal with Sony at the mere age of 15.

      In 2002, while working on her debut album, Goodrem landed a part on Neighbours as a shy high schooler who was also an aspiring singer. The character allowed Goodrem to debut her first single, Born to Try, on the show that fall. It was an instant smash, topping the Australian charts, and later went Top Five in the U.K. as well. The follow-up Lost Without You duplicated both feats, and Goodrem's debut album, Innocent Eyes, also went to number one in Australia. Its title track became Goodrem's third Aussie chart-topper in a row.

      Unfortunately, in July 2003 -- just as Goodrem was set to try her hand in the American market -- she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma, and was forced to set her career aside to undergo treatment.

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        Delta Goodrem
        Sony Music
        PO Box 88
        Sydney, NSW 2010

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