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    • Feb. 2010

      It is hard knowing how to make the site pay. Tried everything. So any help financially would be extemely welcomed.

      If you enjoyed and found helpful whatever page you came from would you consider making a donation to help for the running of that page?

      Here's why:

      The main objectives of this site are to present the work of artists (painters, musicians, actors etc.) in as dramatic and as artistically beautiful way as possible, to give more info. on an artist than you will find elsewhere, and do it for free. This means no pop-ups and no subscriptions.

      The main ambition of this site is to have a web presence for every artist, musician and actor who has ever lived! Of course, there is a hell of a long way to go and for that to happen I really need your help.

      Up to now I have paid all the costs in running the site but with a ten-fold increase in traffic in the last six months the costs have gone up (see below) and if the site is to get bigger and better I have decided to ask for donations and, equally important, your help in improving the site.

      Doesn't matter how big or small the donation (whether it is 50p, $1.00, whatever) every one would be gratefully received!

      Donations would mean more web pages on more artists with more works displayed. Imagine having the resources to display every work Dali or Hundertwasser or Schiele did??!! It would mean not having to display those text ads which some of you may have seen as they don't really fit into the aesthetics of the pages but are the only things that pay a reasonable amount.

      You can make a donation however small by using the paypal button here:

      You can also make a donation to LENIN IMPORTS in UK sterling by cheque/po/cash or in US dollars by personal check/po/imo/cash.


      Lenin Imports
      5 High Street
      SE25 6EP
      United Kingdom

      You can also help by using the following links to buy your book, dvd, print, cd purchases as a small percantage goes to the site and helps in the running costs: / /

      You can also help with contributions to the site. If you have any pictures of an artist or actor, or fact on someone you would like to see on the site just e-mail me at and I will put it up. These are important as I realised only now that I can't do everything and me on my own can only take the site to a certain level and not beyond.

      Thanks for taking the time to read this and hope you think it is worth helping me.

      Kind regards,
      Paul Page


      What are the costs?

      You seem to like what I'm trying to do here for over the last six months the traffic for the site has increased ten-fold. That is borne out in the site's Alexa ranking. That's great but with it comes extra costs for exceeding what's called data transfer usage every month because it's a popular site. What that basically means is that because every month the site goes beyond its limit, there comes a point where every picture or page looked at costs extra.

      What about advertising?

      Advertising is very hit and miss. The scattergun approach seems to be prevalent. By that I mean does someone going into a Henri Matisse page really want to see an banner advert for a national lottery? I've had to try this and to be honest so far it has been truly awful in terms of sales.

      Hopefully, if donations take off then I could make the site an ad-free zone. That is my dream, anyway.

      Pop-ups are a no no. I would rather have needles stuck in my eyes than have pop-ups. Is there anyone in the whole universe who actually appreciates seeing a pop-up appear advertising god knows what but not what you went to that page for in the first place?

      Why I think the site is important

      Maybe it's because, in my opinion, so many sites don't seem to stop and think how an artist's work will be best presented. So, for example, a Hundertwasser or a Schiele piece is ruined because it is presented in a naff way. I do and try and think how best the work can be presented but it's up to you to say whether I have succeeded.

      Also, if you need a mailing address for an artist or actor, is there any other site that does not charge a subsciption fee? This site has 1000s of address for free.


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