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June 2014:

Forget about art poster prints - get a Dora Carrington canvas print with depth instead! You won't regret it. Just read below to see the extraordinary difference.

Delivery Times: Within the UK, you should receive your print within 5 working days. Probaly a bit quicker than that but to be on the safe side I put that estimate. So if you order on Monday you should receive it by Friday. And that includes all methods of payment listed on each product page. Probaly one of the few places left who still take cheques among methods of payment!

Outside the UK obviously takes a bit longer but currently they arrive on average within 10 - 14 working days from receipt of order. Usually quicker but again to be on the safe side I give this length of time.

So wherever you order from you won't have long to wait to receive your beautiful canvas.


We've got in some of the Dora Carrington cotton canvas prints and they are absolutely wonderful. They have a depth that no ordinary print could possibly have. That is why they are sold not only with a full money back guarantee but also an offering of paying your return postage (uninsured mail) should you be dissatisfied with the print for whatever reason. That is how confident we are that you will love the print.

The prices work out at less than half the price for the giclee prints sold on sites like which, though good, are nowhere near as good as these.

My personal favourite is Dora Carrington's Farm at Watendlath (1921) which, to me, is one of the most haunting pictures I've seen by any artist. The latest I got in Fairground at Henley Regatta is really growing on me.

I love Dora's work. Certainly she has moved me in a way few artists have and that is only taking her work into consideration. When you look at her life then it can lend a melancholy to the work giving the tragic end. But the work is just beautiful, haunting, ethereal and once seen never forgotten. I can of nothing better than putting one of her works on your wall. Once there you'll be loathed to take it down.

canvas prints

Dora Carrington Cyclamen in a Pot Canvas Print

Buy/Details: Cyclamen in a Pot Canvas Print

dora carrington fairground at henley regatta print

Buy/Details: Fairground At Henley Regatta Canvas Print

dora carrington farm at watendlath print

Buy/Details: Farm At Watendlath Canvas Print

dora carrington fishing boats in the mediterranean print

Buy/Details: Fishing Boats In The Mediterranean Canvas Print

dora carrington flowering cactus print

Buy/Details: Flowering Cactus Canvas Print

dora carrington print

Buy/Details: The Footbathers 24 Inch Canvas Print

Dora Carrington Gerald Brennan at Larrau Print

Buy/Details: Gerald Brennan at Larrau 24 Inch Canvas Print

dora carrington print

Buy/Details: Julia Strachey 24 Inch Canvas Print

Dora Carrington Larrau Snowscape Print

Buy/Details: Larrau Snowscape 24 Inch Canvas Print

dora carrington print

Buy/Details: Lytton Strachey Canvas Print

dora carrington print

Buy/Details: Tidmarsh Mill Canvas Print

dora carrington print

Buy/Details: Tulips In A Staffordshire Jug Canvas Print

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