//Dorothea Sharp//                                        


      • Known as: British artist
      • Born: 1874, Dartford, Kent
      • Date of death: December 1955, London

    • Dorothea Sharp studied at art school in Richmond and the Regent Street Polytechnic. She studied under Sir David Murray and Sir George Clausen, before going on to Paris.

      When she returned she based herself at the Maida Vale Studios in London. She also travelled and worked extensively in southern Europe.

      She was elected to the St Ives Society of Artists in 1928 as an honorary member. In the late 1930s she settled there for several years in St Ives, working from the Balcony Studio in St Andrews Street. She also co-managed the Lanham Galleries with Marcella Smith.

      By 1945 she was back living and working in Maida Vale, where she would stay until she died.

      Her work is influenced by French Impressionism.


      dorothea sharp / feeding the chickens. signed and dated '04, oil on canvas. 61.5 x 51 cm. market value (2006): 8000

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