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      • Known as: American painter, printmaker, sculptor & writer
      • Born: 25 August 1910, Galesburg, Illinois, US
      • Resided: New York City
      • Died: January 31, 2012 (aged 101), Manhattan, New York

    • It is Dorothea's 100th birthday on the 25th August 2010 and I want to set up a page will your birthday greetings and what her work means to you. So if you have a message just e-mail me here and I'll include it on the page. I want display your e-mail address, just your first name and, if desired, country you are from.

      • More than her art, Dorothea Tanning is most famous today for being the fourth wife of one of the gods of Surrealism, Max Ernst. Perhaps it's because of that famous photograph of Tanning and Ernst in Arizona which is unfair on Tanning. Whatever the reason, it's a shame for her work is so worth discovering and stands up for itself in its own right. In short, for me, the work especially her figures fro the 1940s, are little short of breathtaking. And, Christ, don't you just fancy her when you see her Birthday painting, the self-portrait she did at 30.

      She studied briefly at the Art Institute of Chicago School in 1930 and then went to New York City where she spent her time studing art in galleries and museums.

      She lived in Paris for nearly 30 years and met Ernst when she was in her early 30s (when he was married to Peggy Guggenheim at the Julien Levy Gallery in New York where many of the Surrealists were exiled during World War II. They married in 1946. Through him she came to know all the leading lights of the Surrealists.

      She had her first one-woman exhibition at the Julien Levy Gallery in 1944.

      As well as Surrealism, Impressionism has heavily influenced her work.

      She was one of the last living members of the Surrealist movement.

      Tanning died on January 31, 2012, at her Manhattan home aged 101.


      dorothea tanning / martwa natura w studio, 1979 dorothea tanning / some roses and their phantoms, 1952 dorothea tanning / petita serenata nocturna, 1943 dorothea tanning / birthday, self-portrait at 30 dorothea tanning / en chair et en or ii dorothea tanning / voltage, 1942


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