//EDWARD HICKS//

      • Known as: Folk and nave (primitive) artist
      • Born: April 4, 1780, Attelborough (now Langhorne), Bucks, PA., US
      • Date of death: August 23, 1849, Newtown, PA.
      • Buried: Newtown

    • One of the reasons Edward Hicks is the most famous naive painter of the New World is that unlike many other painters of that period, he left behind a description of his life.

      He worked as an apprentice to a wheelright between the ages of 13 and 20. Then, suddenly, and for reasons we know not what, he switched to painting for a living. Self-taught the rudiments of painting, he created his 'specialities': shop signs, signposts, carriages etc..

      Hicks became a Quaker and a preacher after an illness. At the same time, to support himself, he continued his commercial painting.

      In his memoirs, he reveals a close relationship between the spiritual world of Quakerism and his paintings.


      • Edward Hicks painted around 122 pictures in all
      • The various versions of his most famous painting, Peaceable Kingdom, depict the verses from Book of Isaiah, chapter 11
      • His home in Newtown, PA, is a national historic landmark


      • Brooklyn
      • Buffalo
      • Newark
      • New York (Met. Mus.)


      edward hicks / peaceable kingdom (c. 1834) edward hicks / the residence of david twining edward hicks / noahs ark edward hicks / penn's treaty edward hicks / the cornell farm edward hicks / the cornell farm

      edward hicks / peaceable kingdom

      Peaceable Kingdom
      Edward Hicks



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