//Edward Savage//

      • Known as: Folk and nave (primitive) artist
      • Born: 1761, Princeton, Massachusetts, US
      • Died: 1817

    • Edward Savage was born on his family's farm, 'Savage Hill'. He travelled to London to study.

      At 24, he moved to Philadelphia and in 1796 opened a gallery there. Five years later he left for New York and in 1812 opened a small museum in Boston.


      • He began his career by copying the work of John Singleton Copley
      • Whilst studing in London, he learnt not only the techniques of painting but also those of mezzatint and stipple engraving


      edward savage / the savage family edward savage / the washington family, 1798 edward savage / benjamin rush, 1800, mezzotint edward savage / david ritttenhouse, 1796, mezzotint edward savage edward savage / george washington, c. 1796

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