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Elvis Presley - Filmography

    Movie Cast and Crew - Information

  • Art Director: Hal Pereira, Walter Tyler
  • Composer: Joseph J. Lilley
  • Director: John Rich
  • Director of Photography: Lucien Ballard
  • Editor: Warren Low
  • Producer: Hal B. Wallis
  • Screenwriter: Anthony Lawrence, Allan Weiss
  • Starring: Elvis Presley, Barbara Stanwyck, Pat Buttram, Leif Erickson, Joan Freeman, Sue Ane Langdon, Joan Staley, Raquel Welch

  • Released: 1964
  • Rating: PG
  • Running Time: 101 Minutes
  • Color; HiFi Sound; Closed Captioned

    Elvis Presley - Roustabout Video at Amazon

  • Elvis plays a carefree singer who joins Barbara Stanwyck 's carnival, where he finds hard work, romance, and a job as a tent crooner. Inevitably, he attracts the attention of a sleazy rival. Raquel Welch makes her screen debut in a bit part as a college girl.

  • Includes the songs: Hard Knocks, One Track Heart, It's a Wonderful World and Big Love Big Heartache.

  • Additional cast: Wilda Taylor (Little Egypt).

  • Additional crew: Robert Benton (set decorator).

  • Color by: Technicolor.

  • Other songs include: Little Egypt, I Never Had It So Good, and Hard Knocks.

  • Rough-but-tender Charlie Rogers hopes that, in Maggie Morgan's carnival, he has finally found a steady singing job. Maggie, in turn, sees in the sexy, popular Charlie a way out of her financial difficulties.

    As Charlie begins to draw a host of listeners, he becomes attracted to Cathy Lean. Their mutual affection grows, but Cathy's brother, Joe, the curmudgeonly carnival supervisor, puts a stop to that.

    After a fight with Joe and a disagreement with Cathy, Charlie splits this sideshow for another carnival. Meanwhile, a variety of intriguing events, including a misplaced wallet and relentless brunette, thrust Charlie back into conflict with Joe... and possibly back into the company of Cathy.

Elvis Presley - FilmographyElvis Presley - Filmography

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