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Elvis Presley - Filmography

    Movie Cast and Crew - Information

  • Art Director: George W. Davis
  • Composer: Jeff Alexander
  • Director: Norman Taurog
  • Director of Photography: Joseph Ruttenberg
  • Editor: Richard W. Farrell
  • Producer: Douglas Laurence
  • Screenwriter: Phillip Shuken
  • Starring: Elvis Presley, Carl Ballantine, Bill Bixby, Gale Gordon, Ross Hagen, Victoria Paige Meyerink, William Schallert, Nancy Sinatra

  • Released: 1968
  • Rating: PG (MPAA)
  • Running Time: 95 Minutes
  • Color; Digitally Re-Mastered; Closed Captioned; Includes Theatrical Trailer

    Elvis Presley - Speedway at Amazon

  • Elvis is a stock car racer who owes Uncle Sam a great deal of money but can't pay because his skirt-chasing manager gambled away all his winnings. Nancy Sinatra helps out as a lovely I.R.S. agent.

    With fellow heartthrob Nancy Sinatra riding shotgun, Elvis Presley moves to the fast lane in this action/comedy set in the world of stock car racing.

    Steve Grayson has long been king of the race track, so he's surprised when the IRS - in the person of slinky agent Susan Jacks - starts breathing down his neck about $145,000 in unpaid taxes.

    The stock car star learns that his manager has been blowing his contest winnings at a racing arena of another kind, betting on horses. Now Steve must win all of his races not only to keep his title, but to pay his debt to the Taxman.

  • Additional cast: Carl Ballantine (Birdie Kebner); Victoria Meyerink (Ellie Esterlake); Poncie Ponce (Juan Medala); Christopher West (Billie Jo); Miss Beverly Hills (Mary Ann); Harper Carter (Ted Simmons); Bob Harris (Lloyd Meadows); Michele Newman (Debbie); Courtney Brown (Carrie); Dana Brown (Billie); Patti Jean Keith (Annie); Gari Hardy (Dumb Blonde); Charlotte Considine (Lori); Sandy Reed (Race Announcer).

  • Additional crew: Phillip Shuken (screenplay); Richard Farrell (editor); Dale Hutchinson (assistant director); Carroll L. Shepphird (special visual effects).

  • Color by: Metrocolor.

  • Shot on location in Charlotte, North Carolina at the Charlotte Speedway.

Elvis Presley - FilmographyElvis Presley - Filmography

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