//Emil Nolde//

      • Known as: German Expressionist painter
      • Born: August 7, 1867, North Schleswig, near Nolde, Germany
      • Birthname: Emil Hansen
      • Member of: Die Brücke (1906-7)
      • Honours: German Order of Merit
      • Date of death: April 15, 1956

    • Emil Nolde's pictures are famous for their ferocious quality, distorted drawing, violent colour, and a tormented technique.

      He painted landscapes, biblical scenes, and figure subjects based on a private mythology.

      In 1913-14, he travelled through Russia, China, Japan and Polynesia, where he was impressed by the demonic quality of primitive art and religion.

      He was persecuted by the Nazis, although many of his ideas were close to theirs, including negative opinions about Jewish artists, and a point of view that Expressionism was a distinctively Germanic style.

      He also worked in lithography, etching and woodcut.

      There is a Nolde Foundation at Seebull, on the German-Danish border.

      Many museums of modern art have his works.


      emil nolde / masks still life, watercolor on paper, 1911 emil nolde / 1909 emil nolde / the dance emil nolde / aften emil nolde / calf emil nolde / desert
      emil nolde emil nolde / blumen emil nolde / fall flowers emil nolde / irises and pansies emil nolde / summer flowers emil nolde / yellow sunflowers and red poppies

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