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Elvis Presley - Filmography

  • The Trouble With Girls Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1969.

    Movie Cast and Crew - Information

  • Art Director: Edward C. Carfagno, George W. Davis
  • Cinematographer: Jacques Marquette
  • Composer: Billy Strange
  • Director: Peter Tewksbury
  • Editor: George W. Brooks
  • Producer: Lester Welch
  • Screenwriter: Arnold Peyser, Lois Peyser
  • Starring: Elvis Presley, John Carradine, Dabney Coleman, Marilyn Mason, Vincent Pric e, Anthony Teague, Joyce Van Patten
  • Story: Dwight V. Babcock, Day Keene

  • Released: 1969
  • Rating: G (MPAA)
  • Running Time: 100 Minutes
  • Color; Digitally Re-Mastered; HiFi Sound; Closed Captioned; Hi Fi; Includes Theatrical Trailer

    Elvis Presley - The Trouble With Girls video at Amazon

  • As the manager of a traveling Chautauqua troupe, Elvis has his hands full when the show is disrupted by the murder of a local sleazeball. He also juggles the demands of his union-minded (but lovely) piano accompanist.

    Elvis Presley stars in this eclectic blend of whodunit, melodrama, comedy and Americana. Walter Hale is the manager of a Chautauqua - a traveling educational/motivational show - whose tour takes him and his company to a small town in the Midwest circa 1927.

    Aside from the friction between Walter's crew and the locals, one of the residents, a jealous pharmacist, is found murdered. While the traveling performers decide the show must go on, and the residents debate whether to support or reject it, Walter realizes the onus is on him to solve the mystery.

  • Additional cast: Anissa Jones (Caro); Pepe Brown (Willy); Pitt Herbert (Mr. Perper); Med Flory (Constable); Helene Winston (Olga Prchlik); Kevin O'Neal (Yale); Chuck Briles (Amherst); Patsy Garrett (Mrs. Gilchrist); Linda Sue Risk (Lily-Jeanne); Charles P. Thompson (Cabbie); Leonard Rumery (First Farmhand); William M. Paris (Second Farmhand); Kathleen Rainey (Third Farmhand); Hal James Pederson (Soda Jerk); Mike Wagner (Chowderhead); Brett Parker (Iceman); Pacific Palisades High School Madrigals (Choral Group).

  • Additional crew: Arnold and Lois Peyser (screenplay); Lester Welch (producer); Mauri Grashin (story); Dav Keene and Dwight Babcock (source writers; from novel The Trouble with Girls); and John Clark Bowman (assistant director).

  • Filmed in: Panavision. Color by: Metrocolor.

    The country music trio The Farmhands performs in this film.

Elvis Presley - FilmographyElvis Presley - Filmography

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