Georg Grosz
      Heartfield the Engineer, 1920
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      • Date of birth: July 26, 1893 (Berlin, Germany)
      • Birthname: Georg Ehrenfried Groß
      • Date of death: July 6, 1959 (Berlin)

      georg grosz

    • Georg Grosz was the leading German satirical draughtsman of the 20th-century. He was trained at the Dresden Academy from 1909 and served in the army from 1914, but his dislike of authority resulted in a court martial for insubordination and he was nearly shot.

      In 1918 he was one of the founders of Dada in Berlin. He was arrested during the Spartakus uprising in January 1919, but escaped using fake identification documents; he joined the Communist Party of Germany (KPD) in the same year and in 1920 produced a book of satirical drawings - Got mit uns (God with us) - as a result of which he was fined 300 German marks for insulting the German Army and the destruction of Got mit uns. In 1923 he was fined again for an insult to morality, and in 1928 for blasphemy.

      Fortunately for him, he began to exhibit in America in 1931 and in 1933 he went to New York, remaining in America until he revisited Germany in 1951.

      His years in the US took the edge off his satire. He returned to Berlin in 1959, with the intention of staying there, but died soon after his arrival after a heavy drinking session.

      His autobiography has been published in German and English: the German version (1955) is called Ein Kleines Ja und ein grosses Nein - A small yes and a big no, being a pun on his own name.

      There are examples of his work in Berlin, Cologne and Stuggart, as well as Boston, Cambridge Mass. (Fogg), Chicago, London (Tate) and New York (M of MA).


      • He changed his name in 1916 at the age of 23.

      • He was a friend of the artist John Heartfield.

      • The subjects of his famous 1920s Berlin drawings were fat businessmen, wounded soldiers, prostitutes, sex crimes and orgies.

      • Anti-Nazi.


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