• Known as: Italian Early Renaissance Painter & Architect
      • Born: 1266, Vespignano, near Florence, Italy
      • Birthname: Giotto di Bondone
      • Date of death: 1337, Firenze, Italy

    • Giotto is the artist credited with starting the Renaissance - he was the first to try painting people in three dimensions. He painted wonderful angels that looked so human they'd never be able to fly. He is the one artist I know of whose work has to be seen t be fully appreciated. No reproduction, no photo, no web scan, can possibly do his work justice so I strongly recommend you to get yourself up and out and visit the museums that house his work. A list of museums with specific works is below.

      Giotto di Bondone was born in poverty, the son of a peasant. As a boy he was a shepherd. He was only 10 when Cimabue (1240-1302) took him to Florence to study art.

      Not only did he work in Florence, but also Assisi, Rome, Padua, Milan and Naples. He quickly found fame and fortune; so wealthy in fact that he could afford to marry twice and support 8 children. His signature could be argued to be the first brand-name: as his workshop flourished, he seemed to have signed work his assistants completed.

      In 1334, 3 years before he died, Giotto was appointed master of works for the cathedral and city of Florence. With the help of Andrea Pisano (1270-1349), he decorated the façade of the cathedral with statues and designed the campanile himself.

      It is now generally accepted that in the last 2 years of life he worked in Milan and that he died at the age of 70 in 1337. 'Generally believed' is as good as it gets for so much was made up about his life by historians years after he died that today we know very little fact about him.

      Works Include:

        The Ognissanti Madonna (c.1305-1310), now in the Uffizi; the frescos in the Capella degli Scrovegni Florence; the cycles of frescos depicting scenes from the life of Saint Francis, at Assisi; the chapels in Santa Croce, Florence; and campanile di Giotto, Florence.


      giotto di bondone giotto di bondone giotto di bondone giotto di bondone giotto di bondone / adoration of the magi, c.1305 giotto di bondone / allegory of justice, c.1305 (fresco)
      giotto di bondone / anger giotto di bondone / annunciation to st. anne, detail giotto di bondone / the announcement giotto di bondone / death and ascension of st francis giotto di bondone / entrance into jerusalem giotto di bondone / faith
      giotto di bondone / fickleness giotto di bondone / hope giotto di bondone / madonna giotto di bondone / joseph's dream, detail giotto di bondone / justice giotto di bondone / massacre of the innocents, detail
      giotto di bondone / meeting at the golden gate, detail giotto di bondone / noli me tangere giotto di bondone / ognissanti madonna (detail) giotto di bondone / ognissanti madonna (detail) giotto di bondone / ognissanti madonna (madonna in maesta) giotto di bondone / pentecoste
      giotto di bondone / pope innocent III (1160-1216) approving the rule giotto di bondone / presentation at the temple (detail of anna) giotto di bondone / presentation at the temple, detail giotto di bondone / presentation of mary in the temple giotto di bondone / presentation of mary in the temple giotto di bondone / sacrifice of joachim
      giotto di bondone / saint stephen giotto di bondone / st. clare embraces the body of st. francis at the convent of san damiano, 1297-99 (fresco) giotto di bondone / st. francis appears to his companions in a chariot of fire, 1296-97 (fresco) giotto di bondone / st. francis dreams of a palace full of weapons, 1297-99 (fresco) giotto di bondone / st. francis honoured by a simple man, 1297-99 (fresco) giotto di bondone / st. francis of assisi preaching to the birds
      giotto di bondone / st. francis praying in the church of san damiano, 1297-99 (fresco) giotto di bondone / st. francis preaching to the birds, 1297-99 (fresco) giotto di bondone / st. francis renounces his father's goods and earthly wealth, 1297-99 (fresco) giotto di bondone / stigmatization of st francis giotto di bondone / the ascension giotto di bondone / the betrayal of christ
      giotto di bondone / the expulsion of the devils from arezzo, 1297-99 (fresco) giotto di bondone / the flight into egypt (fresco) giotto di bondone / the lamentation giotto di bondone / the marriage of the virgin giotto di bondone / the meeting of anna and joachim giotto di bondone / the stefaneschi triptych
      giotto di bondone / the suitors' prayer before the rods, detail giotto di bondone / the trial by fire, st. francis offers to walk through fire, to convert the sultan of egypt in 1219 giotto di bondone / the virgin's wedding procession, detail giotto di bondone / the vision of pope innocent III, c.1295-1300 giotto di bondone / the visitation giotto di bondone / the washing of the feet

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      giotto di bondone giotto di bondone giotto di bondone giotto di bondone giotto di bondone giotto di bondone

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      More details:

      A central figure of the Early Renaissance

      According to legend, he was discovered by Cimabue as a boy, sketching his father’s sheep. Giotto di Bodone (1266-1337) was the most famous and influential painter of his generation in Italy. As the pioneer of modern painting, his impact was so enormous that his artist colleagues in Florence, however capable, were left struggling to keep up. His services were engaged by numerous high officials and princes, including the Pope and his cardinals, King Robert of Anjou, and the Scaligeri and Visconti. All these works, including the large secular cycles, are lost. Amongst his surviving works, his masterpieces are undoubtedly his decoration, from 1303 to 1305, of the private chapel built by the financier Enrico Scrovegni for his family in a former Roman amphitheatre in Padua, the fresco cycle in the Upper Church of Assisi, and the frescos in side chapels of Santa Croce in Florence. The simplicity and strength of his forms, as well as the humanism he infused in his works, set him apart from his Byzantine contemporaries and at the forefront of Italian painting in the early years of the Renaissance.

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