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    greta garbo anna karenina

    anna karenina anna karenina (1935)
    starring: greta garbo, fredric march
    director: clarence brown
    format: black & white, hifi sound, ntsc
    rated: nr
    studio: turner home video
    anna karenina
    buy: video (germany) - video (us)

    greta garbo

    mata hari mata hari (1932)
    starring: greta garbo, ramon novarro
    director: george fitzmaurice
    format: black & white, closed-captioned, ntsc
    rated: nr
    studio: warner home video
    as you desire me
    buy: video (germany) - video (us)

    The Painted Veil

    The Painted Veil the painted veil (1934)
    starring: greta garbo, herbert marshall
    director: richard boleslawski
    format: black & white, hifi Sound, ntsc
    rated: nr
    studio: warner studios
    as you desire me
    buy: video (us)

    Queen Christina

    Queen Christina queen christina (1933)
    starring: greta garbo, john gilbert
    director: rouben mamoulian
    format: black & white, hifi sound, ntsc
    rated: nr
    studio: warner studios
    buy: video (germany) - video (us)


    garbo garbo (2002)
    by: barry paris
    type: paperback
    length: 680 pages
    publisher: univ of minnesota pr

    garbo book
    buy: book (us) - cassette (us)

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