//Harold Harvey//                                        


      • Known as: British artist
      • Born: 1874, Penznce, Cornwall
      • Date of death: 1941, Newlyn

    • Howard Harvey was the son of a bank manager. Born in Penzance, he was the only one of the Newlyn School to be born in the area. Like most of the members he was French-trained (in the 190s). He also studied under Norman Garstin .

      When he returned from France he settled in Penzance; after his marriage to Gertrude Bodinnar, they relocated to Maen Cottage in Newlyn.

      For me, his best works are his informal portraits.

      Though he exhibited regularly at the Royal Academy for most of his life he was never elected as an associate, and spent the majority of his time in Cornwall.


      harold harvey / zena, signed and dated '33, oil on canvas. 51 x 46 cm. market value (2006): 14000 harold harvey / the young farmhand, signed and dated '06, oil on canvas. 38 x 30.5 cm. market value (2006): 10000 harold harvey / feeding time, signed and dated '08, oil on canva. 35.5 x 30.5 cm. market value (2006): 8000 harold harvey / on the sands harold harvey / the three boys harold harvey / view through the arch

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