1928                          Silent comedy

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    • Betty Balfour Betty
    • Jean Bradin The boy
    • Gordon Harker The father
    • Ferdinand von Alten The cosmopolitan
    • Theo von Alten The man
    • Clifford Heatherley The manager
    • Jack Trevor The officer


  • Dir:
  • Scr:
      Hitchcock, Eliot Stannard, from an original story by Walter C. Mycroft


C h a m p a g n e

    Rated: -

      Alfred Hitchcock hated his final silent, which reunited Betty Balfour with Squibs screenwriter, Eliot Stannard. She even ends up playing a flower girl again, albeit briefly, as her descent into poverty is all part of a ruse by her millionaire father, Gordon Harker, to ensure that fiancý Jean Bradin isn't a gold-digger.

      The looming presence of Ferdinand von Alten provides a wisp of mystery, but the emphasis is firmly on frivolity, whether it's Balfour's plane theft or the revelries onboard an Atlantic liner or in the Parisian cabaret.

      Minor fare maybe, but the use of subjective camera and expressionist fantasy is fascinating.

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