1927                   Silent drama

    •   UK   •   BW   •   79mins   •

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    • Isabel Jeans Larita Filton
    • Robin Irvine John Whittaker
    • Franklin Dyall Mr Filton
    • Enid Stamp-Taylor Sarah
    • Violet Fairbrother Mrs Whittaker
    • Darcia Deane Marion Whittaker


  • Dir:
  • Scr:
      Eliot Stannard, from the play by Nöel Coward



    [ e a s y   v i r t u e : m o v i e  r e v i e w ]


    Rated: NR

      An early Alfred Hitchcock film which sees him still developing his distinctive style. This is an adaptation of Nöel Coward's play about a charming divorcée (Isabel Jeans) with a scandal in her past, who marries into a staid provincial family with predictable results.

      It's well scripted by Eliot Stannard, and manages to capture the essence of the play even without Coward's witty dialogue. In one of the best scenes, when the hero is proposing to the heroine over the telephone, Hitch cuts away from them and cleverly shows only the reactions on the face of the telephone operator (Benita Hume).

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