1927                      Silent drama

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    • Carl Brisson Jack Sander
    • Lilliam Hall-Davis Nelly
    • Ian Hunter Bob Corby


  • Dir:
  • Scr:
      Hitchcock, Alma Reville, from a story by Hitchcock



    [ t h e   r i n g : m o v i e  r e v i e w ]

    vhs dvd

    Rated: NR

      Alfred Hitchcock's silent, sixth, credited feature concerns a champion fairground boxer (Carl Brisson), the girl he loves and eventually marries (Lillian Hall-Davies), and the Australian fighter (Ian Hunter) who almost tempts her away.

      On the surface, a routine drama, but watch it closely and it reveals the psychological undertow, signalled in carefully chosen images, that are the hallmarks of the Master's better known, later films. The very word “ring”, for example, alludes not only to the men's occupation, but the circular artefacts of the fairground (the tents, the carousel), the bracelet Hunter gives the girl, the wedding ring Brisson places on her finger, and the circular emotional journey of the protagonists.

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