1931                          Drama

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    • Phyllis Konstam Chloe Hornblower
    • Edmund Gwenn Mr Hornblower
    • John Longden Charles Hornblower
    • Frank Lawton Rolf Hornblower
    • C V France Mr Hillcrest
    • Jill Esmond Jill Hillcrest
    • Edward Chapman Dawker
    • Helen Haye Mrs Hillcrest


  • Dir:
  • Scr:
      Hitchcock, Alma Reville, from the play by John Galsworthy



    [ t h e   s k i n  g a m e : m o v i e  r e v i e w ]

    vhs dvd

    Classification: NR

      Alfred Hitchcock enjoyed the challenge of the seemingly theatrical confines of restricted space — Lifeboat, Rear Window, Rope — creating works of extraordinary fluidity. But the actual theatre pieces which dominated his early British career defeated even his genius and this adaptation of Galsworthy`s London success is inevitably dated.

      It concerns a wealthy family, the Hillcrests, dominated by the aristocratic mother (Helen Haye in the film's best performance) which is at loggerheads with a neighbouring builder who wants to replace farms with factories. The situation raises themes of class and “progress” and rattles a few skeletons in the cupboard.

      Watch out for the appearance of Laurence Olivier's first wife, Jill Esmond, as Jill Hillcrest.

      If you are unlucky enough to get a dvd release of this released by Laserlight Video then watch out for a atrocious and hammy introduction by Tony Curtis, circa 1999. Absolutely no expense has been undertaken in its production!

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