1955                          Black comedy

       US      Colour      94mins   

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    • Edmund Gwenn Captain Albert Wiles
    • John Forsythe Sam Marlowe
    • Shirley MacLaine Jennifer Rogers
    • Mildred Natwick Miss Graveley
    • Mildred Dunnock Mrs Wiggs
    • Jerry Mathers Arnie Rogers
    • Royal Dano Calvin Wiggs
    • Parker Fennelly Millionaire
    • Barry Macollum Tramp
    • Dwight Marfield Dr Greenbow
    • Leslie Woolf Art critic
    • Philip Truex Harry
    • Ernest Curt Bach Chauffeur


  • Dir/Prod:
  • Scr:
      John Michael Hayes, from the novel by Jack Trevor Story
  • Ph:
      Robert Burks
  • Ed:
      Alma Macrarie
  • Mus:
      Bernard Herrmann
  • Art Dir:
      Hal Pereira, John Goodman




    [ t h e   t r o u b l e  w i t h   h a r r y : m o v i e  r e v i e w ]

    vhs dvd

    Rated: pg

      Paramount had no idea how to promote this picture, and it was no surprise that it flopped at the box office. No matter, for this is a blithe little comedy, produced and directed with affection by Alfred Hitchcock, about a bothersome corpse that just can't stay buried.

      Edmund Gwenn is a delight as a retired 'sea' captain who stumbles on Harry's corpse while rabbit hunting. In the belief he did the killing, he decides to bury the cadaver on the spot. Harry goes in and out of the ground three or four times, is responsible for two romances and not a little consternation and physical exercise.

      During the course of events Gwenn and Mildred Natwick, a middle-aged spinster who thinks she did Harry in, find love, as do John Forsythe, local artist, and Shirley MacLaine (making her screen debut), young widow of the in-and-out Harry. Natwick pairs perfectly with Gwenn, and the script from the novel by Jack Trevor Story provides them with dialogue and situations that click.

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