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The Virgin Spring (Jungfrukällan) UK Dvd (1960)
S W E D I S H  C I N E M A

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    Single Disc [2002]

  • Format: Black & White, PAL
  • Language: Swedish
  • Region: All Regions
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Classification: 15

  • Studio: Tartan Video
  • DVD Release Date: 28 Oct 2002
  • Run Time: 86 minutes

    'Examines the conflict between Christainty and the paganism rife throughout the Middle Ages' - PAUL PAGE

1961, 86 MINS, BW, SWEDEN

  • Director: Ingmar Bergman
  • Writer: Ulla Isaksson
  • Release Date: 14 November 1960 (USA)


  • Max von Sydow ... Töre
  • Birgitta Valberg ... Märeta
  • Gunnel Lindblom ... Ingeri
  • Birgitta Pettersson ... Karin
  • Axel Düberg ... Thin Herdsman
  • Tor Isedal ... Mute Herdsman
  • Allan Edwall ... Beggar
  • Ove Porath ... Boy
  • Axel Slangus ... Bridge Keeper
  • Gudrun Brost ... Frida
  • Oscar Ljung ... Simon
  • Tor Borong ... Farm-hand
  • Leif Forstenberg ... Farm-hand

    (Svensk Filmindustri (SF))

Ingmar Bergman won his first Oscar and the international Critics Prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 1960 for The Virgin Spring, a brooding medieval tale based on an old Swedish ballad, closely comparable to The Seventh Seal, which examines the conflict between Christainty and the paganism rife throughout the Middle Ages.

Set in beautiful 14th century Sweden, the film tells a sombre, powerful fable of peasant parents (Max Von Sydow - The Exorcist - and Birgitta Valberg) whose daughter, a young virgin (Birgitta Pettersson), is brutally raped and murdered by swineherds after her half sister (Gunnel Lindblom) has invoked a pagan curse. By a bizarre twist of fate, the murderers ask for food and shelter from the dead girl's parents, who, upon discovering the truth about their erstwhile lodgers, exact a chilling revenge.

A cruel and sensational medieval allegory, made all the more powerful for the luminous, haunting black and white photography and Bergman's meticulous direction, was later to be re-made by horror director Wes Craven (Scream) as Last House on the Left.


Official UK release.

Dvd Features:

    ~ Main Language: Swedish
    ~ Available Audio Tracks: Dolby Digital
    ~ Sub Titles: English
    ~ Disc Format: DVD 5
    ~ Star And Director Filmographies
    ~ Scene Selection
    ~ Philip Strick Film Notes
    ~ Stills Gallery
    ~ The Bergman Collection Trailer

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