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        Oct. 2012:

        Twitter - Some of my current favourite James Downie pictures I've put on Twitter

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        Latest News Section - James Downie at the BBC
        Downie Sets of Postcards/Greetings Cards? | Another Great Northern Artist Added | Pitmen Painters Book Review


        J A M E S  D O W N I E

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        June 2012: Added a painting from another great Northern Artist John Goodlad, from Manchester. View extensive scans and read about the artist here. Inadvertently scans also feature my tuxedo cat.

        Northern Art is very popular now - you just have to see the Downie pieces below which have long since gone. I'll recommend other Northern Artists as soon as I get examples of their work so ceck back often. Will also be getting more Downies soon.

        John Goodlad Boats On Beach Oil Painting

        March 2012: Added a painting from Britain's best known living naive/primitive artist Alfred Daniels RBA RWS. View extensive scans and read about the artist here.

        In some ways similar to the work of James Downie though each artist has his own unique magical charm.


        5th Oct. 11: The fame of Downie seems to increase by the day and is about to go into overdrive due to his work appearing on national tv. His work has just featured on the BBC's popular Flog It programme (aired 3rd Oct. 11). You can catch it here, on the BBC iPlayer (not sure how long they keep it up there, I think a week or two). The part on him starts about 32 mins into the programme and goes onto the end.

        If you have never seen the series the premise is this:

          Flog It is an established successful BBC series where members of the public bring their antiques to be viewed and valued by a team of experts. They are then given the option, with the help of experts, to sell their items at an auction. On each show, valuations are carried out by two experts and sometimes by presenter Paul Martin himself

        It's fascinating viewing. What does it tell us? Well, having watched this programme over the years, it's very rare for them to include a living artist whose fame is just beginning to grow. From what I can gather, they included 3 of his works for auction based on the quality of the work (the experts loved them) as well as being made aware of 'his following'. Even Paul Martin's sidekick admitted he would love to have them on his own walls. Such publicity is priceless and so many artists would give anything for it. It clearly reveals an artist who, in my opinon, is just going to explode in terms of public recognition of his work.

        We do not get any closer to the artist, the man. He remains enigmatic, mysterious, in the same way no-one ever really got close to the essence of Lowry. The basic facts, age, where is from, where he is now, and the work are the only things revealed. The ghost of the artist remain elusive, gone with the wind.

        Catch it while you can - BBC iPlayer

        Flog It


        Similar Artists: Pete Dimmock | Mal Burton




        5th Oct. 11: I've long thought about asking the artist if sets of postcards of his work could be published. Or the snowy pictures made as greetings cards for Christmas. They would be inexpensive and would mean more people could get access to his work. I love the thought of spreading the word. To work out how many people out there who might be interested in such sets I would be grateful if you could e-mail so I can gauge numbers. Maybe something will come from it; maybe not...

        James Downie Original Oil Painting


        J A M E S  D O W N I E

        Skip to James Downie Paintings in Stock.   James Downie (the artist) is fast becoming one of the most collectable artists on the internet. Born in Manchester in 1949, he went to school in south Manchester. He was always interested in art and spent many hours in the town galleries studying the old masters. It was his best subject at school and he just loved painting. He keeps trying to perfect his art as best he can.

        For me, James Downie belongs to that School of Northern English Artists which the great Lowry so dominated. These days, Lowry's prices are well beyond most of us so Downie is a supremely attractive alternative. I would described his paintings as having a charming sophisticated naivity at their heart.

          Make no mistake, there isn't a British artist alive today who comes close to Downie when it comes to his intepretation of the mythical world of Lowry. His fame grows almost daily - the cult of James Downie has begun ...

        What excites me about this 'explosion' of fame is that it totally bypasses the art critics. They are totally irrevelant, no-one knows what they say about his work because no-one is listening - the fame is pushed on by the public and their growing appreciation of his work. I suppose in that respect he is similar to Lowry with many critics in his lifetime dismissing him as a 'Sunday painter'.

        Who then is the most loved of all British artists by the British public in the last 100 years? Of course, it's Lowry.

        The following for Downie's work is growing all the time. In less than a year his prices have doubled on the open market. Just getting them onto here is proving alot more expensive than, say, just six months ago. For me they are just a superb investment.

        Below are a selection of his paintings for sale. Just click on the thumbnail pictures for more information on that particular painting. February 2011 I added more scans of many of the paintings which can be found on the individual pages.

        Just added James Downie Gallery. This will include as many paintings as possible and invites you to send scans of his paintings. Also, added here details on selling your Downie works



        We are based in South London near Croydon and viewing is welcome.



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