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        July 2013:

        It is now 15 years since Jean Marais passed away. What is his legacy; what is it that Jean Marais is best remembered for? Posterity, of course, has consigned Marais to share his eternity with Cocteau...more

        October 2013: 2013 sees the 100th anniversary of the birth of Jean Marais. To mark this milestone started adding magazine covers featuring the great man from the 1940s onwards onto a page which is best viewed as a smartphone page. The objective is to have a scan of every magazine he features on. You can view what I started here.

        July 2013: Jean Marais YouTube Slideshow

        April 2013: Extensive scans added of Jean Marais - Histoires de ma vie Book


        Jean Marais Star


        That's not a bad eternity: La Belle et la Bete, Orphee are two of the greatest movies ever & juxtaposing them with a few other less famous film collaborations and his personal relationship with the 20th-century's ultimate Renaissance Man then there is enough to keep the ghost of Jean Marais alive.

        Yes, these achievements are beyond most of us mere mortals. But posterity tends to harden our memories and pigeon-holes the people who frequent them. Thus Marais has become, to many of us, an extension of Cocteau, a part of him without whom he would not exist. That is unfair for there was so much more to Marais, once the most beautiful man in the world. He was the biggest box-office draw in France for a time and his film/TV career spanned well over 80 roles. What's more his art and ceramics saw great success in his own lifetime and continue to fascinate with their uniquely Marais strong beauty.

          His work whether it is in film or in the arts continues to hold great interest in his native France. Dvds, biographies, art books, continue to be released there and yet outside of France it is a completely different ballgame

        Look beyond the 2 classic films and lesser Cocteau works and it becomes difficult to collect his work if you become a collector and/or fan. Books in English on his art remain wishful thinking as does an in-depth retrospective of his film career.

        So if by setting up these pages I can in a small way help to increase the popularity of MaraisJean Marais. I am trying to gather as much Marais stuff as I can which though available in France (though even there some of this stuff is a hard to get) can be really difficult to locate outside of it. Click here to see what is currently in stock.

        I also want to use these pages as a kind of archive for Jean Marais posters from his whole career and from around the world; even if the posters aren't for sale it would be good to have a place where they can be viewed. I can't do this without your help so if you want to share your scans then it would be great if you could e-mail me here with them and I'll put them up here. Imagine seeing all the promo poster releases of La belle et la bete or Orphee from around the world. it would be wonderful.

        ~ Paul Page, June 2011


        Jean Marais Star



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        Jean Marais Biography

      • BASED: in south london near croydon (as prosaic as marais was poetic) and viewing is welcome.

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        Jean Marais Star


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