Jennifer Jason Leigh

    (Born 1962)

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    Jennifer Lee Morrow
    b. Los Angeles, 1962

        Though her usually listed date of birth is 1962, there seems to be some confusion as to whether it is correct, with varying dates being given going as far back as 1958

      She is the daughter of actor Vic Morrow (1932-82), from Blackboard Jungle (55, Richard Brooks) and Men in War (57, Anthony Mann), and of actress-writer, Barbara Turner, who acted in Robert Altman's Nightmare in Chicago (64) and wrote Petulia (68, Richard Lester) for Altman. Patrick McGilligan's biography of Altman, Jumping Off the Cliff, suggests that the relationship between Altman and Turner hastened the end of her marriage to Morrow.

      And then, nearly thirty years later, Jennifer Jason Leigh appears, brilliant (if a little too close to an audition set piece), as the dour phone-sex provider in Short Cuts (93, Altman).

      It's natural to think that Leigh's grim pout comes from Vic Morrow, one of the most steadily blocked Method actors. But to judge from photographs, she resembles her mother, too. Hers has been a tough career, working in many poor films, sometimes close to exploitation. As if from necessity, she has a long-suffering, wistful air that comes close to depravity or sainthness. She was a blind-mute in Eyes of a Stranger (81, Ken Wiederhorn); catching the eye in Fast Times at Ridgemont High (82, Amy Heckerling); Wrong Is Right (82, Richard Brooks); Easy Money (83, James Signorelli); Grandview, U.S.A. (84, Randal Kleiser); Flesh + Blood (85, Paul Verhoeven); The Hitcher (86, Robert Harmon); a dead-eyed call girl in The Men's Club (86, Peter Medak); Sister, Sister (87, Bill Condon); Under Cover (87, John Stockwell); and Heart of Midnight (88, Matthew Chapman).