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    kasimir malevich in 1900 at the age of 22


  • Known as: Ukrainian/Russian Avant-Garde Painter
  • Date of birth: February 23, 1878 (near Kiev, Ukraine)
  • Birthname: Kazimir Severinovich Malevich
  • Date of death: May 15, 1935 (Leningrad, Soviet Union)

    Facts Or Not:

  • Dabbling in Fauvism and Cubism before founding the Suprematist movement, Russian painter and sculptor Kasimir Malevich was a leading figure of the avant-garde and a pioneer of the non-objective style.

    He painted the picture which should have ended all abstract pictures - a white square on a white ground (c. 1918: New York, M of MA).

    From around 1904 in Moscow he was aware of modern French painting, mainly from the Shchukin collection; about 1912 he went to Paris for a month, and came back a Cubist. He claimed to have invented Suprematism as a purer form of Cubism in 1913, but it was more probaly in 1915.

    Later in Germany 1928/32, he seems to have dated works 1910/20.

    After the Revolution he had a violent disagreement with Marc Chagall over aesthetics: part of his 'Decree A in art, Vitebsk, 15 November 1920' reads: '1. The fifth dimension is established ... 18. To summon an economic council (of the fifth dimension) for the liquidation of all the arts of the old world ...'

    He was in Warsaw and Berlin in 1927, and once Socialist Realism had taken hold of the arts in Russia he returned to painting more conventional figurative works, but without much success.

    Amsterdam (Stedelijk) has the most important collection outside Russia.


  • Pioneer of geometric abstract art.

  • Parents were Polish Jews.

  • First of fourteen children. Only nine survived their early years.

  • Studied drawing in Kiev from 1895 to 1896.

  • From 1904 to 1910 studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture and in the studio of Fedor Rerberg in Moscow.

  • Participated in the second exhibition of the group Soyus Molod'ozhi (Union of Youth) in St. Petersburg in 1911.

  • In 1914 exhibited works in the Salon des Independants in Paris.

  • Published his manifesto From Cubism to Suprematism in 1915.

  • 19151916 worked with other Suprematist artists in a peasant/artisan co-operative in Skoptsi and Verbovka village.

  • 19161917 he participated in exhibitions of the Jack of Diamonds group in Moscow.

  • Fascinated with aerial photography.

  • 1919-1922 taught at the Vitebsk Practical Art School in Russia.

  • 19221927 taught at the Leningrad Academy of Arts.

  • His book World as Non-Objectivity published in 1926 outlining his Suprematist theories.

  • Famous retrospective of his work in Warsaw and Germany.

  • 19271929 taught at the Kiev State Art Institute.

  • 1930 taught at the House of the Arts in Leningrad.

  • As part of the Stalinist regime's turning against modernist art, he was persecuted. Many of his works were confiscated or destroyed.

  • He died in poverty and obscurity in Leningrad.

    Kasimir Malevich - Red House 1932 Kazimir Malevich - Suprematist Composition 1915 Kasimir Malevich - An Englishman in Moscow 1913-14 Kazimir Malevich - Three Figures 1913-28 Kasimir Malevich - Suprematist Composition 1915
    Kasimir Malevich - Croix Noire 1920 Kazimir Malevich - Self Portrait 1908 Kasimir Malevich - The Floor Polishers 1911 Kazimir Malevich - Woman with a Rake circa 1928-32 Kasimir Malevich - Suprematismus 1927
    Kasimir Malevich - Dacia Owner Kazimir Malevich - Suprematist Composition No.56 1916 Kasimir Malevich - Woman Cutting circa 1900 Kazimir Malevich - Torso 1928-32 Kasimir Malevich - Suprematismus 1927
    Kasimir Malevich - Aviator Kazimir Malevich - The Two Farmers Kasimir Malevich - M. Matuischin Kazimir Malevich - Taking in the Rye 1912 Kasimir Malevich - Suprematism No. 58

    Malevich prints @ ebay.co.uk (direct link to his prints)

    Kasimir Malevich Books

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    Kasimir Malevich Books @ amazon.com (direct link)

    Kasimir Malevich

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