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        V I C T O R I A N  I L L U S T R A T O R

        Kate Greenaway was an English artist and children’s illustrator working in the second half of the nineteenth century. Her influence within her chosen oeuvre was considerable.

        Unusually for a children's illustrator, she was widely acclaimed within the art world and numbered Paul Gauguin and John Ruskin amongst her most distinguished admirers. Her children's books began a fashion for the Regency period as the Pre-Raphaelites had for the Middle Ages and Alma-Tadeau for classical antiquity. A characteristic example of her work is The Garden Seat in which a little girl sits motionless like a beautiful doll, while a small boy poses self-consciously with a hoop, and their governess or elder sister sits besides them completely absorbed in the frivolous pursuit of reading a novel. Ruskin admired her illustrative works, but being Ruskin, strove repeatedly to encourage her to draw not from her imagination but from nature. He set her subjects such as wild flowers and shamrocks, studies of 'rocks, moss and ivy' found in walks near his home at Brantwood, and prepared ornithological specimens such as a kingfisher. He also begged her (without success) to make studies from the nude.

        She was a close friend of the artist Helen Allingham (Patterson) (1848-1926) and in 1890 they both painted a cottage about to be demolished in Pinner. Kate Greenaway added some children gathering cowslips in the foreground, while Helen Allingham, as usual, painted at the gate her familia sun-bonneted woman with a child in her arms.

        Frequently she illustrated her own books, the most famous being the distinguished series of Kate Greenaway's Almanacs. Greenaway's work was so well-known that the charming garb in which she clothed the characters she painted heavily influenced fashions of the day.

        Born in 1846, Greenaway's exquisite touch and unashamed romanticism have been much imitated, but never equalled. She died in 1901, acknowldeged as one of the greats of children's illustration.

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        V I C T O R I A N  I L L U S T R A T O R

        Title:  Baby Sleeps in Its Cradle Among the Apple Blossom Unaware of the Danger That 
Artist: Kate Greenaway Title:  Girl in a Woodland Clearing Stands with Her Back Against a Great Tree with Her Apron Over Her Head 
Artist: Kate Greenaway May Day by Kate Greenaway Pied Piper - illustration by Kate Greenaway Polly, character from The Queen of the Pirate Isle, by Bret Harte, illustrated by Kate Greenaway Title:  Christmas Dream 1874 
Artist: Kate Greenaway
        Title:  Lucy Locket Lost Her Pocket 
Artist: Kate Greenaway Title:  Three Greenaway Girls and Their Dolls One in a Cart 
Artist: Kate Greenaway Title:  The Pied Piper Leads the Children Away from the Town 
Artist: Kate Greenaway Title:  Mother and Child 
Artist: Kate Greenaway Title:  For the Dance, One of a Set of 12 Illustrations from Christmas in Little Peopleton Manor 
Artist: Kate Greenaway Title:  Christmas Caroling 
Artist: Kate Greenaway

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