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kate humble

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    Kate Humble. TV Presenter (F).
    b. 1969


      Lives with her TV producer husband, Ludo Graham - whom she first met aged 16 - in Chiswick, west London.

    Finest hour:

      Diving to the depths of the ocean in 2002 for the wildlife documentary The Abyss.

    She says:

      'I don't do glamour. I'm much more at home on my allotment than at a showbiz party.'

    Don't mention:

      She's terrified of flying, despite having been a presenter of BBC's Holiday.

    Anything else:

      Instead of going to university, Kate spent a year in South Africa, where she worked as a waitress, a model and on a crocodile farm.


      Web Wise; Animal Hospital; Castaway Science; Essential Guide to Rock (1998) Fasten Your Seat Belt (1998); GMTV; Holiday; Holiday On A Shoestring; Holidays Out; Humble Holidays (1998); Summer Holidays; Top Gear; Waterworld; BBC's Country File; The Abyss; Wild In Your Garden; Britain Goes Wild with Bill Oddie; Test Your Pet.


      Kate Humble
      c/o Speak-Easy Ltd
      1 Dairy Yard
      High Street
      Market Harbourgh
      LE16 7NL
      United Kingdom

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kate humble kate humble kate humble kate humble

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