• ANDERSON, Laurie
    born 1947 Chicago

    American musician and performance artist. 1954-1966 Studied violin. 1958-1965 Attended the Saturday School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 1966 Moved to New York, 1966-1969 Studied history of art. 1969 Became acquainted with Philip Glass. 1970 First objects and sound sculptures with taped sound effects. 1972/73 Studied sculpture at Columbia University, New York. Worked as a teacher and art critic. 1972 First Automotive performance. Used a variety of mediums of expression in her performances, such as music, dramatic and sculptural elements, gestures or off-stage voices or sounds. 1977 Participation in documenta 6 in Kassel. 1979 Release of the record Big Ego. 1981 Publication of the pop song O Superman. 1983 Guggenheim Fellowship. 1986 Took the show Home of the Brave on an international music and performance tour. A film-musical of the same name appeared in cinemas. 1995 Toured with Stories from the Nerve Bible.
    WRITINGS: L.A.: The Package. New York 1971.-L.A.: The Rose and the Stone. New York 1974.-L.A.: Typisch Frau. Regensburg 1981.-L.A.: United States. New York 1984.
    MONOGRAPHS, CATALOGUES: L.A. Solomon Gallery. New York 1977 (cat.).-Kardon, J. (ed.): L.A. Works from 1969 to 1983. Institute of Contemporary Arts, University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia 1983 (cat.).

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