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        Leningrad Cowboys Go America (1990)
        C D  A L B U M

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        the best of leningrad cowboys

        • Type: Audio CD Album
        • Number of Discs: 1
        • Released by: AMT
        • Release Country: Sweden/Finland

        • EAN/UPC: 4024572274184
        • Release Date: 2006

      • This is a wonderful soundtrack album. You know, I listen to it more than I watch the actual film. Not so much for the vocal tracks as I was never a Nicky Tesco or Members fan or, for that matter, a follower of Mato Valtonen's irritating gruffness on Ballad of the Leningrad Cowboy (which, incidentally, had it been done by a 'proper' singer could have been a great track) but for the ambient tracks. Thankfully, the vocal tracks are few so you can settle back and enjoy the exquisite meanderings of this journey across the United States and into Mexico (well just the Mexican border inreality as they never got clearance for Mexico when they made the film). They are suffused with so many emotions: sweet melancholy; homesickness on a Sunday morning being in a land far, far away from home; joy and bewilderment of discovering new cultures; the mundane of travelling vast distances ... it is all here on ths album.

        This has Mauri Sumén's fingerprints all over it. The band's keyboard player did the incidental music and has subsequently done the music for other films (Baltic Storm) and suffice to say that anything that has been good about the band has invariably been because of his input (the arrangements with the Red Army Choir instantly spring to mind).

        If the ambientmeister Brian Eno has composed this soundtrack we would all be saying what a mature example of his genius this is. When you consider that Sumen was only in his mid-twenties when he composed this then the maturity becomes mind-boggling.

        Additionally, unlike alot of Eno's work, it is done with warmth.

        Top recommendation.

        © Paul Page, Lenin Imports, 2010

      • There really wasn't a Leningrad Cowboys when the film was made. It was really a collection of the best Finnish musicians and members of Sleepy Sleepers. But because of the film's success in Germany the band was born and the rest is history,

      • Caught an interesting interview with Nicky Tesco about the making of the film. He spent 2 weeks in the States making the film and had just got married so as he could take his new wife with him it was kind of honeymoon. He described the making of the movie as a kind of 'guerilla filming'. They would film wherever they appeared. A convoy of 20 vehicles travelled across the south of the States towards the Mexican border which included the tour bus and stretched cars they had picked up for $100 each. The band drank alot but were consummate musicians.

        Kaurismaki would film in the worst bars in a town.

      • Time passes, s##t happens, and this film just gets better and better. For me, Kaurismaki is the best European film director of the last twenty years and this film proves it. Yes, his films got more polished as the years have passed but here in its raw state is Kaurismaki-land. Don't take my word for it: in 2010, Empire ranked it at number 88 of "The 100 Best Films Of World Cinema". For what is, in all extent & purpose, a road movie with a low budget, that is just mind-blowingly astonishing.

          TRACK LISTING:

          1. L.A. Woman
          2. Thru The Wire
          3. Rocky VI
          4. Marching
          5. Flight AY 105
          6. Sunday Morning
          7. Highway
          8. Blue Swing
          9. On That Road
          10. Glamour Cowboy
          11. No Man's Land
          12. Ten Lost Gringos
          13. Säkkijärvi
          14. Desconsolado
          15. Ballad Of The Leningrad Cowboy
          16. Tequila
          17. Chasing The Light


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