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        Go Space (1996)
        C D  A L B U M

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        the best of leningrad cowboys

        • Type: Audio CD Album
        • Number of Discs: 1
        • Released by: Megamania
        • Release Country: Finland

        • EAN/UPC: 6417734120623
        • Release Date: 2006

      • Not content with conquering parts of Outer Mongolia and the Sonora state of Mexico, the Leningrad Cowboys set their sights on space with this album. Though universal domination eluded them this isn't a bad effort. It produced 2 Finnish singles, Jupiter Calling and Where's the Moon. Leningrad is the stand-out track though, a lament for a place that was no more.

        The album was the last to feature most of the classic line-up. By the time their next album, Mongolian Barbecue appeared the following year Jore Marjaranta, the lead singer and the guitarist Ben Granfelt had left to pursue the Guitar Slingers.

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          TRACK LISTING:

          1. where's the moon
          2. space tractor
          3. universal fields
          4. jupiter calling
          5. galina
          6. leningrad
          7. ulan bator girls
          8. brave new world
          9. nadja
          10. matushka
          11. zastarovje
          12. l.a. doga beach
          13. little green man


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