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        Happy Together (1994)
        C D  A L B U M

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        the best of leningrad cowboys

        • Type: Audio CD Album
        • Number of Discs: 1
        • Released by: Plutonium
        • Release Country: Finland

        • EAN/UPC: 6417734470063
        • Release Date: 2006

      • This is the studio version of the legendary 1993 Total Balalaika Show Helsinki concert the Leningrad Cowboys did with The Alexandrov Red Army Ensemble. Personally I enjoy it more than the double live cd as the sound is more crisp and in a studio environment you really get to hear the powerful voices of The Red Army.

        Stand-out track for me is Sweet Home Alabama. The collaboration is really tight and both 'bands' become one. Knockin' On Heaven's Door has an almost Stalinist Biblical epic-feel to it while The Red Army demanding you Gimme All Your Lovin' is an offer very few are in a position to turn down. Quite extraordinary. The Red Army wistfully wishing they were all California Girls as opposed to Vladivostok Girls is someting all of us outisde of California can identify with while Just A Gigolo would have Marlene Dietrich turning in her grave.

        Play it loud and hear vrock'n'vroll as it was never intended.

        © Paul Page, Lenin Imports, 2010

          TRACK LISTING:

          1. it's only rock'n roll
          2. let's work together
          3. gimme all your lovin'
          4. happy together
          5. knockin' on heaven's door
          6. dancing in the street
          7. just a gigolo (i ain't got nobody)
          8. california girls
          9. yellow submarine
          10. sweet home alabama
          11. delilah
          12. stairway to heaven


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