Lisa Eichhorn's early career showed great promise, and though she is still a highly respected and talented actress, she has never quite reached the rarified heights of movie stardom.

      She made her film debut in John Schlesinger's Yanks starring opposite Richard Gere and then appeared in the Merchant/Ivory production The Europeans (both 1979).

      Neither were box-office hits, and Eichhorn's budding film career languished. But then she played John Heard's wife in Cutter's Way/Cutter and Bone, a powerful drama about the complex relationships between an embittered crippled veteran, his former army buddy, and his depressive wife. The film was initially panned and pulled from release, but later it was rediscovered by critics and given rave reviews. Eichhorn's performance was particularly notable.

      Her subsequent film appearances have become increasingly sporadic. In addition to her film career, she has found success on television and particularly on the stage, where she has particularly shone in classic dramas



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