L.S. Lowry

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A Lancashire Village
M E D I C I  A R T  P R I N T

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Lowry A Lancashire Village Print

Image Size: 356mm x 508mm

Official Medici modern print.

Born in Rusholme, a suburb of Manchester, Laurence Stanley Lowry (1887-1976) lived all his life in and around that area. He studied at the Municipal College of Art in Manchester and the Salford School of Art between 1905 and 1925. He is best known for his scenes of solitary people crowding the streets of the northern industrial landscape. By 1920 he had developed his distinctive style and subject matter, but it was not until 1939, with his first London exhibition, that this unique artist began to achieve the national recognition which culminated in his election to the Royal Academy in 1962.

Jan. 2017: I got disillusioned selling the Lowry prints as they just weren't selling in sufficient numbers and decided to stop selling them for awhile. I just couldn't compete with the price set by the big boys and realised price is the most important thing these days. Fair enough. I really did enjoy sourcing the prints and figured I needed to get a little back to pay for all the free Lowry info. I've put on the pages but I just didn't sell enough of them and it came to a point where I was sitting on what seemed like dead stock. Never a nice feeling.

I would love to sell them again. From someone who loves Lowry's work it was a delight finding other Lowry admirers. I do miss that connection. But I need to know if there is a sufficient audience of people interested in buying a Lowry print. So if you are just drop me an e-mail (ihuppert5@aol.com) and if I decide to sell them again I will let you know.

2017: Meanwhile, Lowry fine art prints are @ ebay.co.uk (direct link to his fine art prints)

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