L.S. Lowry

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The Pond
F I N E  A R T  P R I N T

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L.S. Lowry The Pond Print

Overall Dimensions: 40x50cm
Print Dimensions: 33x46cm


Small poster featuring L.S. Lowry's The Pond.

Jan. 2017: I got disillusioned selling the Lowry prints as they just weren't selling in sufficient numbers and decided to stop selling them for awhile. I just couldn't compete with the price set by the big boys and realised price is the most important thing these days. Fair enough. I really did enjoy sourcing the prints and figured I needed to get a little back to pay for all the free Lowry info. I've put on the pages but I just didn't sell enough of them and it came to a point where I was sitting on what seemed like dead stock. Never a nice feeling.

I would love to sell them again. From someone who loves Lowry's work it was a delight finding other Lowry admirers. I do miss that connection. But I need to know if there is a sufficient audience of people interested in buying a Lowry print. So if you are just drop me an e-mail (ihuppert5@aol.com) and if I decide to sell them again I will let you know.

2017: Meanwhile, Lowry fine art prints are @ ebay.co.uk (direct link to his fine art prints)

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