Mika Kaurismaki

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        Condition Red (2012)
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        condition red dvd cover

        • Actors: James Russo, Cynda Williams, Paul Calderon
        • Director: Mika Kaurismaki
        • Type: Colour
        • Language: English (Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, English Subtitles)
        • Region: Region 2 Pal (UK & Europe)

        • Runtime: 82 minutes
        • Display Format: 4:3 Letterbox
        • Number of Discs: 1
        • EAN: 6416548369617

        Mika Kaurismaki Collection Digipack Dvd is brand new and sealed.

        Prison guard falls in love with inmate. She wants him to let her escape.

        Dan Capelli (James Russo) is a prison guard with a major attitude problem. After repeatedly getting too violent with inmates, he is temporarily transferred to duty in a women's prison. There, he meets Gidell (Cynda Williams), a stressed out inmate who initially just tries to make small talk with him. Dan tries to maintain detached from Gidell despite how he may really feel, but when Gidell's boyfriend Angel (James Calderon) comes into the picture, things seem to change.

        This nicely packed Mika kaurismaki Collection Digipack Dvd is brand new and sealed. Original English spoken language, subtitles in Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian. Region 2 Pal dvd. Cover art in Finnish.


      • Traileri
      • Making Of
      • Mika Kaurismaki - Haastattelu, Biografia

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        Dan Capelli (James Russo) on pahamaineisen vankilan vanginvartija, jonka arki on kaikkea muuta kuin ongelmaton. Tyon luomat paineet ja Danin menneisyys ovat tehneet hanesta tikittavan pommin, joka saattaa rajahtaa hetkena mina hyvansa. Dan rakastuu tulisesti naisvanki Gideliin (Cynda Williams). Parin valille kehittyy kuuma suhde, joka on tuhoon tuomittu kaltereiden erottaessa takastavaiset.

        Condition Red kuvattiin philadelphialaisessa vankilassa 25 paivassa.


        C O N D I T I O N  R E D

        condition red dvd back cover

        condition red dvd back cover


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        New and still sealed.


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