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We've got in some of the Grant Wood cotton canvas prints and they are absolutely wonderful. They have a depth that no ordinary print could possibly have. That is why they are sold not only with a full money back guarantee but also an offering of paying your return postage (uninsured mail) should you be dissatisfied with the print for whatever reason. That is how confident we are that you will love the print.

The prices work out at less than half the price for the giclee prints sold on other sites which, though good, are nowhere near as good as these.

My personal favourite is Grant Wood's Moonlight Ride of Paul Revere which, to me, is one of the most haunting pictures I've seen by any artist. That's just a subjective view, and there is plenty of magic to be found in the other prints.

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Buy/Details: Appraisal Canvas Print

Buy/Details: Daughters of the Revolution Canvas Print

Buy/Details: Dinner for Threshers Canvas Print

Buy/Details: Haying Canvas Print

Buy/Details: Moonlight Ride of Paul Revere Canvas Print

Buy/Details: Return from Bohemia Canvas Print

Buy/Details: Spring in the Town Canvas Print

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