As an adult, she adopted the stage name of Morgan Brittany and won some notice playing the conniving but beautiful Katherine Wentworth on the CBS primetime soap Dallas from 1981 to 1984. Her coloring and vague resemblance to Vivien Leigh resulted in Brittany twice impersonating the famed actress--first in the dreadful feature biopic Gable and Lombard (1976), and again in a cameo at the very end of Moviola: The Scarlett O'Hara War (NBC, 1980).

      Brittany began acting when she was five years old, making her debut in an episode of the syndicated series Sea Hunt. She appeared in three episodes of The Twilight Zone (CBS), the best known of which was her third, Caesar and Me (1964), that teamed her with a ventriloquist's dummy for a life of crime.

      On the big screen, billed as Suzanne Cupito, she was 'Baby' June in the 1962 film version of the Broadway musical Gypsy, appeared as one of the schoolgirls in The Birds (1963), and as Henry Fonda's teenaged daughter in Yours, Mine and Ours (1968). After time away from Hollywood for college and a stab at modeling, she returned to the limelight with her new moniker. She occasionally appeared in TV-movies and as a guest on series before the role of Mary in In Search of Historic Jesus (released theatrically in 1980; aired on NBC in 1981) helped give her a new profile. After her stint on Dallas, Brittany starred as an ambitious magazine writer in the short-lived Aaron Spelling-produced Glitter (ABC, 1984) and won attention as a youthful paramour of the future president in LBJ: The Early Years (NBC, 1987).

      Although Brittany seemed to be everywhere during the 80s-- hosting Miss Teen USA (CBS, 1986), appearing on variety specials and shows, by the end of the decade her career had somewhat lost its momentum. For a few years, she concentrated on her personal life and returned to acting in 1994 with less fanfare in guest spots on Melrose Place and The Nanny. She also appeared in modestly-budgeted features, such as Riders in the Storm (1995) and Legend of the Spirit Dog (1997).

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