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        Aleksi Hihnavaara
        D V D

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        • Actors: Kai Lehtinen, Maria Järvenhelmi, Petter Sairanen, Rauno Ahonen, Kari Lahti
        • Director: Tapio Suominen
        • Format: PAL
        • Language: Finnish
        • Subtitles: English, Finnish, Swedish

        • Region: Region 2 (UK & Europe)
        • Classification: 15
        • Studio: Nordisk
        • DVD Release Date: 19 Jul 2002

      • Aleksi Hihnavaara aka. Mosku is a legendary character in the Finnish history. I remember hearing stories of him in my early childhood, and I guess that has happened to many people having grown up in northern Finland. Most of the stories are probably just made up, as people just want to hear legends, true or not.

        There are as many versions of the story as there are people to tell it. Mosku's wife, children, friends, enemies... everybody has had one perspective. Some facts can be verified, of course: Mosku was a reindeer ranger of excellence. In the early 20th century the northeastern part of Finland was no peaceful place. Mosku was often accused of reindeer theft, a crime to be compared to horse theft in the westerns. He was also known to catch (and kill) some thieves himself.

        Somehow this movie reminds me of westerns. A quiet, tough and solitaire man, who shoots as often as talks. Wandering through the great forests hunting his enemies with ultimate survival skills. A man who just can't stay home with his wife and children.

        Kai Lehtinen actually plays the role of Mosku pretty much like Clint Eastwood would have done it.

        "Mosku - lajinsa viimeinen" is quality work. A little bit of excitement, some nice landscapes and mostly good acting. Kind of a western in Finnish style.

        The scenery is beautiful, of course.

        Original Finnish title Mosku - lajinsa viimeinen

        The dvd is new. Finnish spoken language, optional subtitles in English and Swedish. Extras included. Region 2 Pal dvd. Cover art in Finnish.


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