otto dix
      Otto Dix
      Portrait of the Painter
      Adolf Uzarski
      , 1923

      OTTO DIX

      • Known as: German Expressionist Artist
      • Media: Painting, Print
      • Date of birth: December 2, 1891
      • Place of birth: Untermhaus, Germany
      • Date of death: July 25, 1969
      • Place of death: Singen, Germany

      otto dix

    • I don't think there has ever been an artist who so superbly captured the grotesqueness of the Third Reich and Nazism as Otto Dix achieved in his work. For that reason alone he has to be considered one of the most important German artists of the 20th-century.

      Dix studied realism in Dresden. I would argue that no artist has been more influenced by his surroundings and circumstances than Dix. It was his experiences in the German army in 1914-18 and in the inflation after the War that led him to paint with such bitter realism, a realism that even pervaded his portraits.

      He was one of the leaders of the Neue Sachlichkeit group, and his portrait of his parents (1924, Dix aged 33, Hanover) is one of the masterpieces of the movement.

      He was persecuted by the Nazis, and 260 of his works were removed from German galleries, but he was nevertheless conscripted in 1945, and was, for a short time, a prisoner of war in France.

      During the 1920s and 30s he was much influenced by early German painters - Baldung, Cranach - but after 1946 he painted large religious and allegorical pictures in a rather Expressionist style.

      Many of his works are now back in German galleries, especially Stuggart, and others are in Detroit, New York (M of MA) and Paris (Mus. d'Art Mod.).


      • The Nazis regarded Dix as a degenerate artist and had him sacked from his post as an art teacher at the Dresden Academy.

      • In 1939 he was arrested on charge of being involved in a plot against Hitler but was later released.

      • Otto Dix's paintings The Trench and War Cripples were exhibited in the Nazi exhibition of degenerate art, Entartete Kunst. They were later burned.

      • To continue to work as a painter in Nazi Germany, he had to promise to paint only landscapes.

      • Died in Singen, Germany, in 1969.

      OTTO DIX

      Otto Dix  - Portrait of Mrs. Martha Dix Otto Dix  - Salon I, Two Women Otto Dix  - Cock and Hens Otto Dix - Portrait of Journalist Sylvia Von Harden, 1926 Otto Dix  - Bildnis der Taenzerin Anita Berber - 1925 Otto Dix  - Die sieben Todsuenden - 1933
      Otto Dix  - Sehnsucht - Selbstbildnis Otto Dix  - Der Hahn Otto Dix  - Der Schauspieler H. George Otto Dix - Die Skatspieler, 1920 Otto Dix Otto Dix  - The Trench, 1923

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      Otto Dix  - The Trench, 1923
      Oct. 13: Otto Dix German Book Covers - Smartphone Page

      Sept. 2013: As part of photographing the covers and inner flaps of every book ever published, I've started the scans on Dix books which can be viewed here (smartphone page). Just a few for the mo. but will be added to. If you have any photos of any Dix book covers from any part of the world why not e-mail ( them to me and I'll put them up. The aim is to have a visual record of every Dix book ever published. Inner flaps and the publishers notes contain so much info about the book - I like to include at least the flap as well if possible. And your help makes it a lot easier. Or, if you prefer, you can send me your unwanted books and I can scan them. Any book, not just this author. Address: Paul Page, 5 High St., South Norwood, London SE25 6EP, UK. If you are thinking of chucking those books out then this would make a perfect alternative home for them.

      OTTO DIX

      Otto Dix signed items, exhibition posters, ltd edn prints @ (direct link to signed items) - just checked and a bigger selection than I have seen anywhere else

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