Ouran High School Host Club

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        Series 1: Part 2
        D V D

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        • Release Date: 15-06-2009
        • Format: DVD
        • Number of Discs: 1

        • Catalogue Number: MANG3016
        • Label: Manga


        Cliques and social politics are skewered in this satirical anime series about a somewhat androgynous girl named Haruhi who attends an elite high school that's almost entirely based on a system of clubs. Haruhi eventually works her way up to becoming the leader of the all-male Host Club after working as their "dog" to pay off a debt. Included here are the final 13 episodes of the first season

        Episodes include:

        • Episode 14 – Covering the Famous Host Club!
        • Episode 15 – The Refreshing Battle in Karuizawa!
        • Episode 16 – Operation Haruhi and Hikaru’s First Date!
        • Episode 17 – Kyoya’s Reluctant Day Out!
        • Episode 18 – Chika’s “Down with Honey” Declaration!
        • Episode 19 – Lobelia Girls’ Academy Strikes Back!
        • Episode 20 – The Door the Twins Opened!
        • Episode 21 – Until the Day it Becomes a Pumpkin!
        • Episode 22 – Mori-senpai Has an Apprentice Candidate!
        • Episode 23 – Tamaki’s Unwitting Depression!
        • Episode 24 – And so Kyoya Met Him!
        • Episode 25 – The Host Club Declares Dissolution!
        • Episode 26 – This is Our Ouran Fair!


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