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    Countess Roza-Marie Leopoldnya Lubienska. Actress
    b. 30 September 1947, St. Neots, Cambridgeshire, UK


      5' 9".

    Most Famous Role:

      Was the mid-70s UK TV series Rock Follies. Now it has to be her appearance in the TV realist show, Celebrity Big Brother. She was the third housemate to be voted out, but gave gret TV while in there, most notoriously for playing the owner of a pretend cat in a task which involved the 'serious' politician George Galloway playing a cat. Cringe worthy to say the least, it will be the stand-out moment of the show when people look back on it.

      For the show she received 50,000 and was candid enough to admit that money was a major factor in her going into the Celebrity house as acting parts had dried up.

      As night follows day, a former lover appeared to sell his story to the papers. She dismissed the 38-year-old 'toyboy' as 'not having any money and not very good in bed'. It lasted a week.

    Sexiest Actress Ever?:

      Even in her early 60s, Rula Lenska remains one of the sexiest actresses on UK screens. The red hair, the tallness...everything is of a screen goddess from another age. Last seen on UK screens in Footballers Wive$ And adjectives to describe the voice: sophisticated, warm, informative, stylish.

      Update: (Jan. 09)
      In 2008 she appeared in the awesome British film-noir movie, Jack Says. I won't give away Rula's role but it's completely different from anything she has played before!

      I have limited supplies of the Dvd. Details here.


    • Dennis Waterman (3 January 1987 - 31 March 1998) (divorced) 1 child
    • Brian Deacon (4 June 1977 - ?) (divorced)


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rula lenska rula lenska rula lenska rula lenska


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