• OHTAKE, Shinro

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      • 1955  Born in Meguro Ward, Tokyo
      • 1974-75  Enters college and takes time off to work in Hokkaido
      • 1977-78  Footloose in London
      • 1980  Graduates from Dept. of Painting, Musashino Art University
        Returns for a second stay in London and visits Hong Kong
        Forms noise band JUKE/19; produces and sells own album
      • 1982  Solo exhibition debut at Gallery Watari, Tokyo
      • 1983  Second solo exhibition at Gallery Watari, Tokyo
      • 1985  Solo exhibition at London ICA
      • 1986  Publishes artist's book “London/Honcon 1980”
        (Deluxe limited edition wins Best Deluxe Edition Award, Japan Book Design Concours/Exhibition
        and Grand Prix, Tokyo ADC Award 1987)
      • 1987  Solo exhibition “Shinro Ohtake 1984-1987”at Sagacho Exhibit Space, Tokyo
      • 1988  Solo exhibition “Canvasism: Shinro OhtakeNew Works”at Seibu Art Forum, Tokyo
      • 1989  Invited to work in the USA. Travels throughout the USA, then resides and works in Millay Colony for the Arts, Austerlitz, New York
      • 1990  Solo exhibition “Shinro Ohtake Recent Works 1988-1990” at Gallery Tokoro, Tokyo
        Solo exhibition “Shipyard Works 1990” at Terada Soko, Tokyo
      • 1991  Solo exhibition “Echoes 55-91 Works of ShinroOhtake” at Seibu Art Forum, Tokyo and other galleries
      • 1993  Publishes storybook “Monsieur Jarry” (43rd Shogakukan Publications Art Prize 1994; Golden Apple Prize, Biennale of Illustrations Bratislava 1995)
      • 1994  Solo Exhibition “Shinro Ohtake: Retina” at Gallery Tokoro, Tokyo
      • 1995  Encounters Yamataka Eye of the Boredoms and forms unit “Puzzle Punks” produces CD book “Pipeline”
      • 1996  Releases second Puzzle Punks CD “Budub” from Time Bomb Records, Osaka
        All analog JUKE/19 recordings are re-mastered and issued on CD
      • 1997  Solo exhibition “Shinro Ohtake Printing/Painting”at CCGA Center for Contemporary Graphic Art, Fukushima
      • 1998  Solo exhibition “Shinro Ohtake: Niitsu/Me, theAmbituous Japan” at Nitsu Art Forum, Niigata
      • 1999  “Dub-Hei & New Chanel” debuts at exhibition “Art/Domestic, Temperature of the Time” Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo
        Solo exhibition “Zyapanorama Shinro Ohtake Exhibition” at Parco Gallery, Tokyo
      • 2000  Solo exhibition “Dub-Kei”at KPO Kirin Plaza Osaka
      • 2001  Solo exhibition “Shinro Ohtake Digital Works‘Mousecape’” at epSITE / Nadiff, Tokyo
      • 2002  Solo exhibition “BLDG. Shinro Ohtake NewWorks”at Base Gallery, Tokyo
      • 2005  Solo exhibition “On Paper: Shinro Ohtake” at Base Gallery, Tokyo
      • 2006  Major solo exhibition “Shinro Ohtake Zenkei:Retrospective 1955-2006”

      • Source: shinroohtake.jp

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