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      British supporting and occasional leading actress Sophie Ward made her film debut in Full Circle (aka The Haunting of Julia) (1977) and did not appear in films again until Shocking Accident in 1982.

      Sophie left her veterinarian husband, Paul Hobson, in 1996 for Rena Brannan, a woman she met through friends when she was in Los Angeles. They've since married each other.

      She has two children from her marriage to Hobson.

      She currently lives in Gloucestershire.

      The daughter of actor Simon Ward, her subsequent film appearances have been sporadic. Indeed, she is now more famous for her relationship with Brennan than her acting career.

      A TV comeback of sorts, she is currently appearing in ITV's cosy and long running 60s drama, Heartbeat. She doesn't have to do alot and it is hard not to feel such a vehicle is just not worthy of her considerable acting talents and screen presence.

      sophie ward


    1. "Heartbeat" (2004-) TV Series
    2. Bubblegum (2004)
    3. Out of Bounds (2004)
    4. Nobody Knows Anything! (2003)
    5. "Dinotopia" (2002/II) TV Series
    6. Crime and Punishment (2002)
    7. The Inspector Lynley Mysteries: For the Sake of Elena (2002) (TV)

    8. Bela Donna (1998)
    9. The Big Fall (1996)
    10. MacGyver: Lost Treasure of Atlantis (1994) (TV)
    11. A Dark Adapted Eye (1994) (TV)
    12. A Village Affair (1994)
    13. Class of '61 (1993) (TV)
    14. Taking Liberty (1993)
    15. Wuthering Heights (1992)
    16. Waxwork II: Lost in Time (1992)
    17. Events at Drimaghleen (1991) (TV)
    18. Mann nebenan, Der (1991)
    19. "The Strauss Dynasty" (1991) (mini) TV Series
    20. Vita scellerata, Una (1990)
    21. Fraile, El (1990)

    22. A Caribbean Mystery (1989) (TV)
    23. The Shell Seekers (1989) (TV)
    24. Giovane Toscanini, Il (1988)
    25. A Summer Story (1988)
    26. Little Dorrit (1988)
    27. "Indifferenti, Gli" (1988) (mini) TV Series
    28. Aria (1987)
    29. Casanova (1987) (TV)
    30. Young Sherlock Holmes (1985)
    31. Return to Oz (1985)
    32. A Better Class of Person (1985) (TV)
    33. The Lords of Discipline (1983)
    34. The Hunger (1983)
    35. A Shocking Accident (1982)

    36. Full Circle (1977)
    37. Copter Kids (1976)

      sophie ward


      Is a vegan



s o p h i e   w a r d

sophie ward

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sophie ward sophie ward sophie ward
sophie ward sophie ward sophie ward
sophie ward sophie ward sophie ward
sophie ward sophie ward sophie ward

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